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Introducing the inbuilt GSM Server for sending and receiving SMSs using a GSM Modem - No internet required. Reduce SMS costs by using Purchased SMS bundles eg. You can purchase a safaricom SMS Bundle at 20Kshs / 500 SMS by dialing *188#.

The GSM Server is able to receive SMSes and reply to them automatically. You can also set privacy on to respond to only numbers registered at the school. In the Messaging, you can also select GSM Modem to send bulk SMSes if you dont have internet for online bulk messaging.

View sample documents produced by the software

Installing ShulePro on Windows

Discuss ShulePro for Windows Offline edition, ShulePro Online and ShulePro for Android Phones here

You asked, we listened! ShulePro 2020 automatically updates to the latest version when an internet connection is available. The updates are optional, you can skip them if you are not ready. No more updates hustle.


*ShulePro 2020 Highlights -

  • ShulePro works both online and offline. It has the ability to work offline when internet is not available then if required you can upload or download data from online (ShulePro Online). This is ideal for schools with no continuous internet connection but still want to maintain internet presence or just dont want a web based system.
  • Combine results from multiple schools with the new Zone Sync results and find out where your school stands
  • New Promotion algorithm
  • Work smarter with reports that matter to management
  • New Finance Module Smartly combines purchase orders, petty cash, school fees and salaries. The new module supports data import from 2017.
  • New Processing algorithm that takes into account continuous assessment
  • New Messaging Module
  • Automatic updates

ShulePro 2018 - Installation & Usage Tutorial


Watch Tutorial on Installation, Adding students from Excel or directly, Creating a fee structure for different billing categories, Receiving payments, Creating Exams, entering marks/ scores, printing report cards and merit lists in offline mode.


This tutorial also covers connecting ShulePro to the School Website so that teachers are able to enter results from anywhere using their devices and students/ guardians are able to login. This feature is optional

JAN 10 Changelog

  • Reformatted default interactive report cards (Default report card format is Kenyan)
  • Support for Swahili in school fees demand letters (Tanzania)
  • Fixed updater error - Unable to create SSL/TLS secure channel for updates. You can fix this issue by directly downloading an update for the ShuleProStarter file here [https://www.shulepro.com/updates/ShuleProStarter.zip] unzip and copy file to C:\Ennovate\ShulePro. *This affects current users only
  • Updated IGCSE report cards

Jan 1 Changelog

  • Fixed invalid license, default trial licence included in installation

Dec 27 2017 Changelog

  • Combined Purchase Orders, Petty cash, Equity and School fees into a single dashboard for easier training.
  • Included Demographics for easier planning
  • Multi language support for fees demand letters (West Africa)
  • Show Grades Only mode (West Africa)

Download Video130 MB or Watch it below 


You can connect ShulePro to the internet and SYNC exam results, you can now also synchronize fee balances and the exam papers done by the student as shown in the video above.

Learning how to use ShulePro? Sample Students (Excel Worksheets) Use these samples to learn how to import students into the software and set up students exams, fees structures, enter results.    Kenya School Management System, School Management System for Secondary Schools , School Management System for High schools , School Management System for Primary Schools

ShulePro for Android is now free in support for the work at home option provided by the government due to Covid-19

  • Intergrates seamlessly with ShulePro for Windows.
  • Access school datafrom anywhere.

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