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Welcome to the intenet home of ShulePro


ShulePro is a school management software designed for the Kenyan Education System as its core functionality. Shule means school in Swahili.

You can off course customize it to another education system so long as it is competition oriented. ShulePro is the most popular school management system in Kenya and East africa. This school management system is customizable in many ways.

  1. Customizable grades at all levels: You can change the grading scale of any subject, exam or terms or semester
  2. Receive fee payments and print detailed receipts
  3. Use SMS as a mode of commination to communicate fee balances and exam results
  4. Sync exams across regions and share results with neighboring schools
  5. Magnifier for Low vision teachers
  6. Beautiful report cards
  7. Works on networks
  8. Multi School
  9. Includes dormitories management
  10. No recurring fees
  11. No long term contracts
  12. Affordable
  13. Easy to use
  14. School Fees Collection using Fee Break down.
  15. View students results online at
  16. Compare exam perfomance and term perfomance

We have listened to you and upgraded to ShulePro 2015 from the previous version 9. ShulePro 11 is Multi School and supports Primary Schools. You can download a demo here ShulePro 2015 Install it using the onscreen instructions and default settings. We believe in trying before buying, we have nothing to hide.

ShulePro 11 includes some new exciting features e.g. The Exam sync module that allows you to join competition zones, create new zones and rank students by combing results from several schools.

Our School information system also supports collection of school fees and payments, part payment collections are supported also. You can receipt and print fee balances analysis.

Other supported countries include Uganda, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands, Brazil,Canada, Cuba, Finland,France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel,Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway and Tanzania. This School Software can be downloaded here

There are several modules in the application

  1. Student management
  2. Exams management
  3. Exam SYNC and Compare
  4. Cashier’s Desk and Fees receipting
  5. Dormitories an Housing
  6. LAN and SMS
  7. Student Search (Voted the Headmaster's most favourite module in 2013/ 2014)
  8. Discipline records
  9. Magnify and Low vision for schools with low vision teachers

Is My country's education system supported? ShulePro is made in Kenya. The default school system is Kenyan.

Download Sample Report cards, Pinup and School Fees reports.docx?


This School Mangement System uses Short Messaging services as its core communication module.

Parents and Guardians can SMS to the Schools Number and they will receive their students last exam results, they can also receive fee balances.

You can use the Module to send custom messages or simply send the exam results

See a screenshot below of results received on a cellphone

ShulePro SMS Results

Parents can also view exam results by visiting which is ShulePro's cloud service.

PHONE: +254719181818 | P.O. BOX 6124-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA | INFO[@]SHULEPRO.COM

PHONE: +254719181818

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